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EconoCoin begins
What is EconoCoin in a nutshell?
EconoCoin (ECONO) is a digital asset that represents ownership in the EconoCoin profile and is backed by Bitcoin revenue and an excellent rating made using the EconoCoin profile on various prediction market sources. Currently the only way to obtain EconoCoin is through value added participation on the forum by posting topics adding content and sharing. You can find more details on how to earn EconoCoins by clicking HERE. EconoCoin's initial offering has yet to be announced. Once distributed EconoCoins can be traded on the blockchain.

How it Works:
  1. Members of the EconoCoin forum propose bets on the forum followed by a period of time for discussions, comments, questions, and edits.
  2. Once the allowed time has expired EconoCoin holders will vote on final draft. After voting time expires the bet get posted to the prediction markets.
  3. Finally after bets have ended and bitcoin proceeds are deposited into the EconoCoin address all the benefits are shared by the holders of the EconoCoin.
For transparency purposes EconoCoin's financials are public to all forum members and can be verified through the block chain explorer. Click here for a infoshematic.


Counterparty Decentralized Exchange

The EconoCoin Road Map:
3-6 Months, Initial Distribution
6-9 Months, Break Even

Events in History:
04/19/2016 The concept was born.

Who is EconoCoin For?
EconoCoin is for individuals with wish to profit from participation in the economic prediction markets. Scholars, Speculators, insurance agents my have interest in owning EconoCoin.
Currently Hosted Bets:

Official Econocoin roadmap.

Business development.